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What Parents are Missing when Trying to Motivate their Child

I am proud to be chosen to speak at the International Conference on ADHD for the third time. It is truly an honor to teach others  my philosophy and strategies for thriving with ADHD.

My presentation will provide you better understanding of: 

  • How ADHD impacts motivation 
  • Why rewards and consequences fail to achieve long-term behavioral change
  • A new motivational framework that does promote long-term change
  • How this new framework can increase your child’s independence and self-worth
  • A step-by-step method to implement this new framework

There are two ways you can hear me share this information

Register for the ONLINE Annual International Conference on ADHD2023
December 5&6, 2023


Register for my FREE Encore Presentation on
January 9, 2024 at 7:30 pm CST

See Me After Class...Collaborating with Teachers without Conflict

Join my guest, ADHD Coach and retired educator, Annette Lang, as she shares critical information to help parents feel more comfortable and productive when working with their child’s teacher.

Annette’s presentation will provide you better understanding of:  

  • Developing relationships with teachers and staff as a strong advocate for your child
  • Helping teachers better understand ADHD
  • Exploring issues from the parent’s and teacher’s perspectives
  • How Parent/Teacher collaboration positively impacts a child’s performance
  • Communication Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to address issues effectively and respectfully
  • When and how to escalate an issue past the teacher
  • and more!
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Annette Lang is a certified ADHD Life Coach and Licensed K-6 Educator trained to work with kids and young adults. She is a retired elementary/middle school teacher and the mom of children with ADHD. She’s been where you are – wanting the best for her child, but not quite sure what that is. She has felt that frustration, exhaustion, and heartbreak. Learn from her experience on both sides of the parent-teacher conference.

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Better Nutrition with ADHD

Join my guest, registered dietitian Cassidy Storts, as she shares critical information to help parents provide better nutrition for their child with ADHD.

Cassidy’s presentation will provide you better understanding of:  

  • Basic nutrition for growing brains
  • The importance of protein in the ADHD diet
  • The effect of diet on mood and focus
  • Managing the appetite suppressing effects of medications
  • How to expand your child’s food choices
  • How to talk about food with your picky eater!
  • When to seek the help of a nutritionist
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Cassidy Storts is a Registered Dietitian at Doherty Nutrition, passionate about simplifying nutrition for individuals. She has experience with ADHD from both a personal and professional lens. Join Cassidy as she provides evidence-based strategies to optimize nutrition in those with ADHD.

Understanding School Accommodations

Please join my guest Stacey Cannon as she shares critical information parents must know to navigate the school accommodations process.

Stacey’s presentation will provide you better understanding of:  

  • The differences and similarities between Special Education (IEP) and 504 Plans
  • How to request the use of these programs for your child
  • Eligibility requirements for each plan
  • The types of accommodations and modifications possible
  • The benefits of using the IEP or 504 Process
  • How to prepare for the ARD meeting
  • What to do if the school says “no” to an accommodation
  • What to do if the accommodations are not working
  • What to do if the accommodations are not being followed
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Stacey Cannon is a certified ADHD Coach with over 20 years’ experience as a speech pathologist in the private sector and public school system. Her specialized training provides her with a unique capacity to help children and parents impacted by ADHD. Being diagnosed with ADHD herself and raising a child with ADHD, help her connect with her clients in a unique way few coaches can.

Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships

What an honor it was to present the Chaos Free Improvement Method to my fellow coaches at the International Conference on ADHD.  I am doubly honored to be teaching my first official cohort of Chaos Free Family for Coaches in January.  I will be teaching coaches and mental healthcare providers how to use the course to build collaborative relationships in their client’s family systems.

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If you are interested in enrolling in the parent version of Chaos Free Family, click below to learn more.


I was recently invited to share my thoughts on the Executive Function of INITIATION with Laurie and Dr. Abbey on their podcast.  I had the time of my life sharing strategies that I have seen work for my clients of any age.  It is about a 30 minutes listen – great for when you are talking a walk or waiting for practice to end.

If you are looking for someone to conduct a full evaluation, Diagnostic Learning Services in Plano can help – child or adult.  Tell them Coach Mary sent you!

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