Becoming a Chaos Free Family – Course Details

Becoming a Chaos Free Family (BCFF) is a learning series and support environment specially designed for parents of children with ADHD and Executive Functions deficits. Coach Mary E. Smith, AAC, guides you to a better understanding of ADHD, your child’s behaviors, and what it takes to live chaos free with ADHD.

NO start dates. NO need to wait for a class. Start at Lesson 1 the day you sign up!

NO childcare hassles. NO drive time.

Complete your lessons at your convenience. Even spend extra time on a lesson.

Short videos focus on learning objectives and present examples.

Printable notes pages with key facts so you can focus on learning.

Ask questions and get advice from your coach in weekly video support calls. Daytime and evening calls.

Impact of ADHD (what you don’t see), strategies to overcome common issues, discipline methods that work, methods for continuous improvement, improve the parent/child relationship. See Lesson Details

Optional – sign up for Becoming a Chaos Free Family PLUS for private support calls. Suggested for parents needing a little extra help.

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