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I have been specially trained to work with children with ADHD in a collaborative environment with their parents.  In all my years of coaching, two things have emerged as undeniable truths.

  • Parents are a critical, and often under used, part of a child’s ADHD management plan
  • Life skills and strategies are best taught by parents who have a modern understanding of ADHD and have been trained to “coach” their child in the use of strategies proven to work best for the ADHD brain.

This is why my practice is built around having the parents involved in the coaching process.  Here is what you can expect when you come to Chaos Free ADHD.

The Chaos Free Family Support Journey

Your physician can make a direct referral or you can self-refer to schedule an ADHD Resource Information Session.

ADHD Resource Information Session
This 30-minute video conference includes a short discussion of your child’s challenges and support recommendations for home, school, and social situations. This session is free and offered without obligation.

Parent Training
Every family enters my practice with the parents enrolling in the 8-week Chaos Free Family program. Learning the modern definition of ADHD and strategies that work best for ADHD-type brain, prepares you to serve as a “parent coach” to your child. This training helps you resolve most of your child’s ADHD challenges, leaving the time and financially intense one – on – one coaching for the most challenging situations, if needed.

Family Coaching
A collaborative environment where child, parent, and coach work together to resolve more complex challenges of ADHD.

What is Parent Training?

In short, it is the answers you want and the help you need. Parent training teaches parents how to teach, implement, and monitor the use of evidence based strategies that improve the performance of children with ADHD.

Why Parent Training?

Parent training has been shown to significantly reduce the stress in the home, while improving the parent-child relationship.  This reduction in stress makes it easier for your child to learn new strategies. Research has also shown that behavior management is most effective in young children when it is delivered by parents. 

Most parents are unaware that Parent Training in Behavioral Management (PTBM) is actually part of the American Academy of Pediatrics treatment recommendation for ADHD.  

Why Parent Training before coaching my child?

If a child has difficulty remembering or completing tasks like homework and chores, they will also forget to use the strategies learned in the coaching session. Because parents are uniquely positioned to provide support at the point of need, this training teaches parents to support their child in much the same way a coach would.

Long Private Family Coaching engagements can be a financial burden for some families. Learning this critical information before the family coaching engagement means more of the session can be focused on the child. This in turn can result in a shorter, less expensive family coaching engagement.

Parent Training is not always first.

Depending on the age of your child and the severity of their current circumstance, your coach may recommend the family start Private Family Coaching right away while the parents complete their training concurrently, outside the coaching sessions.

You may not need Private Family Coaching…yet.

Many parents of younger and newly diagnosed children find the strategies they learn in the Chaos Free Family parent training resolves most of their current issues.  These parents often opt to postpone private coaching until they encounter a challenge that requires a little extra support.  These families are welcomed to return when the time is right for them.

The Chaos Free Family parent training program begins with making sure the parents are working from the most recent understandings about ADHD.  The second part of the course helps parents implement foundational strategies helpful for every child with ADHD. The last part of the course focuses on teaching parents to collaborate with their children to create consistent habits on their way to confident independence. This course can help you resolve almost all of your child’s ADHD challenges.

The best part of the Chaos Free Family program is that parents are not alone.  Coach Mary is with you every step of the way!

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