I provide ADHD/Executive Functions coaching for students and their parents in a collaborative setting. I strongly believe participation of parents/guardians in the coaching process is critical to the success of the coaching engagement.

Each coaching engagement begins with a FREE Discovery Session where parents can discuss their child’s challenges and what they hope to achieve through coaching. This also give me an opportunity to share how the coaching methodology works and what to expect moving forward. (Students 16+ may attend the Discovery session if they wish).

If you like what you hear in the Discovery session and want to proceed, we will schedule an intake session for me and you child to get to know each other. We will also take some time to set and prioritize your AND your child’s goals for the coaching engagement. You will walk out of this session with your very first strategy to improve!

Every coaching engagement includes Parent Training in Behavioral Management (PTBM). This type of training has been recommended as part of the overall management plan for ADHD. This training helps parent understand the reality of having ADHD. It helps parents learn to respond to challenges in a way true learning can occur and the parent/child relationship can be maintained. This training is done through video lessons, watched at the parents’ convenience, and follow reinforcement during a portion of the coaching session.

The typical coaching session begins by discussing any urgent issues. Then we take time to celebrate the progress you have made since the last session. I will spend time with the student and parents separately. Then, we all come together to develop strategies and the action plans to use before our next session.

Here is what a typical session includes.

When parents complete the training in behavioral management, that time (orange sector) is allocated across the other sectors.

When your coaching goals have been met and your family is able to maintain consistency in your student’s life processes, we will celebrate your graduation!

NOTE: It is very common for clients to return for short engagements when expectations of the child change (e.g. changing schools, change in family environment) or if they begin to struggle again.