How much does coaching cost?
The Discovery Session is FREE.
There is a $200 Intake fee for all new clients.
Each coaching session regardless of type (Parent, Family, Student, Adult) is $75.

You will find the cost of coaching falls somewhere between a private tutor and a therapy session.

When do you see clients?
I see clients weekdays by appointment only.  I offer morning, afternoon and early evening sessions times.  Typically, clients will select a day/time for their weekly session. (for example, Mondays at 6:00 pm).

What if I can’t afford coaching?
The costs stated above are for Private coaching.  If cost is an issue, you may want to consider getting help through my Group Coaching sessions scheduled to begin in April 2018.  Read more here.

Is a formal ADHD diagnosis required to start coaching?
No.  However, many conditions can cause attention and life skills issues that look like ADHD.  It important that you have an accurate diagnosis of the cause of these issues.  If you or your child is experiencing attention/life skills issues, we can dedicate part of your coaching engagement to walking through the evaluation process together.

If you or your child has been evaluated and was not diagnosed with ADHD, we can discuss your child’s challenges in a FREE Discovery Session.

Is coaching covered by insurance?
Coaching is not commonly covered by health insurance plans.  However, more and more Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts consider coaching a qualified expense and will reimburse you.  Check with your benefits provider to see what coverage you can expect.

Can you provide coaching services in my home?
All coaching services originate from my home office location.  If traveling to the office is difficult, we may be able to arrange coaching sessions via SKYPE. This is very common.

Is it ok if I bring my other children to the coaching session?
No.  The presence of other children, even those well behaved, are a distraction to the coaching process.  All measures should be taken to find alternate plans for siblings during coaching times.

Do you offer virtual coaching sessions?
Yes.  I have worked with many clients via SKYPE.  Virtual coaching works best for Parent and adult coaching.  I would not recommend virtual coaching for family and Student coaching.  The process used in those environments is very dynamic and does not work as well in the virtual environment.