Understanding the ADHD DiagnosisNeurodevelopmental Disorder
25% EF development delay
Multimodal Management Plan
Risks of unmanaged ADHD
Intro to Executive Functions
Paradox of ADHD
Reality of having ADHD  
The Parent Role in Managing ADHDImportance of Coaching Mindset
Importance of Behavioral interventions  
The Executive FunctionsExecutive Functions Definitions
Order of Emergence of Executive Functions
Thinking vs Doing Skills
Proficiency comes from practice  
Comparing Executive FunctionsCompare parent EF strength/challenges to child’s
Communication dynamics  
Correcting Behavior
– Part 1
Importance of discipline
Foundations of discipline
Punishment/Reward circuits
Negative reinforcements
Basic Trigger Management (for parent)  
ADHD & EmotionsEmotional Control definition
Impact of ADHD on Emotional Control
Importance of Parent Modeling Emotional Control
Child Trigger Management
Feelings Wheel
RESET/RETRY/REWARD – Loss of Emotional Control
Correcting Behavior
– Part 2
Using Trigger Management
Extinction Burst
Full Positive Recognition
Reset/Retry/Reward – Distraction & Out of Bounds Behavior
Natural consequences from the Reset
Managing TransitionsTransition definition
Reasons for difficult transitions
Task Initiation Energy
Sequencing Transitions
Transition Process
Planning & PrioritizationResponsibility vs Privilege
Priority Scale
Priority Matrix
Time Map
Progressive IndependencePath to Independence
Phases of Independence
Progressive Independence Survey (baseline)
Chaos Free Improvement Method
– Part 1
Chaos Free Improvement Method
– Relationship, Define, Measure
Chaos Free Improvement Method
– Part 2
Chaos Free Improvement Method
– Understand, Improve, Consistency