Let’s face it.  The past year and half of school year was a difficult time for a lot of our children to learn.  They have worked too hard to lose the skills that can be easily forgotten if not actively practiced.  That is why it is more important than ever to avoid the summer slide. This article is not about what kinds of activities to do, you can find those anywhere.  This post is about overcoming key obstacles parents face in keeping their child’s skills sharp.

Make a plan.  Not a lesson plan!  The biggest obstacle to summer learning is not making it a part of a child’s daily rhythm.  Set the expectation that a portion of each day will be set aside to practice academic and social skills.    Pick a specific time that works for most days, set your own alarm, and focus on holding yourself accountable to using that time for learning.  No getting to the pool early, no running to the store quickly.  Make sure your child sees the priority you are placing on this time.  Parents are often amazed how much a child’s resistance diminishes over time when learning is a consistent part of their daily rhythm.

Let interest be your guide.  You know what your child likes and if you are not sure, ask them!  Then find a way to appeal to that interest when selecting your child’s learning activities.  If your child is interested in music, let them read biographies of musicians.  If they are interested in sports, help them research how player statistics are calculated.  And speaking of interest, it can be lonely and boring learning alone.  Find ways to join your child in their learning experience.  Talk about what they are learning.  Children often feel a sense of pride when they can teach their parent something new!

Get out of the house.  Learning for learning’s sake is pointless.  Learning should be practiced and experienced.  Find ways to show your child how their interests are used in the world around them.  If they love video games, enroll them in a coding camp or take them to an E-games event.  If they are interested in art, take them to meet a local artist. Yes, these people love visitors!  It is important for your child to see how continued learning combined with interest can develop into a place for them to shine!

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