A 20-mph headwind makes a big difference in the effort needed to move the bike forward. Long rides are harder.  Large hills are harder. Even small hills are harder! Suddenly, what was manageable yesterday is soul depleting today.  But I am lucky.  I have a support system.

My husband is a stronger rider so on those hard days, uphill against the wind, I ride close behind him.  This reduces the amount of wind pushing against me making it easier for me to move forward.  This is called drafting and it is more than a physical form of support.  Drafting helps me emotionally, too.  First, I know I am not alone. I know he cares enough to help me succeed.  Second, I no longer need to think about the enormity of the wind, the distance, the hill, my limitations.  I can just focus on his back tire and the next stroke of the peddles.  And on a good day, I can stop thinking less about myself and shift my mindset to “someday, I won’t need to draft”.

For those tempted to think I am getting a free ride against the wind, it is important to realize that my husband is doing absolutely nothing to move my bike forward.  I still have to do the work and will reap the reward of getting stronger.

Where can you block the wind for your child to do the work?

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