Before I learned to ride, my siblings used to give me rides on their bikes. They made it look so simple; peddle and steer. But whenever I tried to ride on my own, I promptly fell over.  And I kept falling over.  I didn’t get it.  How could everyone on my block except me ride a bike?  What was wrong with me?

The truth was that I needed a teacher.  I needed someone to tell me, “There’s nothing wrong with you.  You just haven’t learned yet.”  Someone who would hold the bike steady for me as I learned to balance and coordinate my movements.  Someone who, even on a very basic level, understood that learning to ride a bike is an extraordinary feat combining simultaneous coordination between the cerebellum (balance center of the brain), gross motor skills, fine motor skills, spatial awareness, planning, and decision making.  So many conscious decisions!  And, once I could ride without falling over, I needed practice.  A lot of practice.

I can still remember my first ride around the block with my friends.  What freedom! What joy!

Where does your child need a supportive teacher and a lot of practice?

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