This is why I created Chaos Free Family.

Chaos Free Family (CFF) is a learning series and support environment specially designed for parents of children with ADHD and executive function deficits.  This is the same type of parent behavioral management training recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics as a standard part of a comprehensive ADHD management plan.

The Good News
Not every ADHD family is in crisis; they just need things to run smoother in their lives.  This means they don’t need an intensive coaching engagement to help their child or change the dynamic in their home.  They need basic, up-to-date information about ADHD and some simple strategies to help their child perform better.  CFF condenses this information into short lessons you can access on your own schedule.

The Better News
Parents don’t have to feel alone in this search for calm.  The standard CFF course with Group Support option comes with 1 year’s access to weekly support calls.  Daytime and evening calls are scheduled to accommodate the busiest of families.  Join when you need clarification on your lessons or advice for how to implement your strategies.  You can even join to learn from how other parents are doing it!

The Best News
The optional Plus option provides private support for parents who struggle with their own executive function issues and who might need a little extra accountability.

Become a Chaos Free Family today!

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