Welcome to my blog.  Welcome to my world. Welcome to the Encouraging News about life with ADHD.  My primary mission is to get the word out…

You can live chaos free with ADHD!

I want my blog to challenge the perspectives people have about their child’s ADHD, their own ADHD, and ADHD in general.  I have found in my coaching practice that, often, a change in perspective can be the most effective agent of change and motivator for success.

I want my blog to educate people on effective techniques to overcome the unique challenges of ADHD.  I want to serve adults with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD equally.  So, whenever possible, techniques will be presented with age-appropriate variations.

Finally, I want my blog to create a community of “people like us”.  It can be lonely when those around you don’t understand you.  In fact, I hope the comments will be plentiful enough for people to see they are not alone in facing their ADHD.  I will be posting the small successes my clients’ experience and highlighting how stringing them together can build into a major achievement.

Take heart.  In the world of ADHD, the is truly some Encouraging News!


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